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How To Avoid Asphalt Paving Scams

person handing over credit card

As we mentioned in our previous blog, selecting the right paving contractor for a job can save you from future repair costs. With that in mind, you also need to remember to protect yourself from paving scams, an unfortunate occurrence that happens quite frequently in the paving industry. Here are three ways to avoid a paving scam: 

Avoid Discounted Costs 

Be cautious of discounts on your paving job. Asphalt contractors that are looking to scam you may offer this as an incentive to have you sign before researching, then leave the job before its completion. This offer can come under the guise of having leftover materials from a job they just finished in your neighborhood. Scammers will then begin the job and leave early, citing loss of materials as the reason for halting construction. 

While signing a contractor for a cost-efficient price is always a goal, be sure to understand that you want a contractor with quality materials. Their work will last longer, require less maintenance and save you from unexpected costs down the line. 

Ask For Written Estimates 

Reputable contractors understand the importance of a written agreement when it comes to payment. A trusted contractor will allow you to pay using credit cards, checks or cash. Paving scammers will pressure customers to pay with cash up-front in a door-to-door manner. To protect your interests and the interest of the contractor, make sure to request a written estimate before moving forward with a project. 

Look for Local Home Offices and In-State License Plates 

Selecting contractors that have established themselves within your area is a great rule of thumb to follow to avoid paving scams. Reputable contractors have home offices located in your city and have spent years building trust with their local customers. Pavement scammers may have out-of-state license plates because they don’t plan to stay in your area once they receive payment for an unfinished job. Ask contractors for a phone number to reach them and confirm it is a local line before agreeing to a job. You can then make a call to their home office to confirm they are a local and trusted brand. 

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