3 Signs It’s Time to Sealcoat Your Parking Lot

Being able to detect that your parking lot is due for a sealcoating repair can be the difference between a low-cost patch job and an expensive, large-scale asphalt project. Here are three signs our paving experts use to identify when it’s the right time to schedule routine sealcoating maintenance:

The Pavement Looks Dried Out and Cracked 

While cracks may seem like minimal damage, they can quickly evolve and expand to render your surface lot unusable. With winter comes ice that can expand inside cracks that then begin to multiply and do significant damage to your pavement. Inspect asphalt after each season to ensure regularly scheduled sealcoat maintenance is implemented to avoid the need for a full repavement.

The Pavement Has Potholes 

Potholes occur when water becomes trapped under the surface of the asphalt. With proper sealcoating maintenance, water is unable to pass through the asphalt to weaken your parking lot over time. Potholes are more likely to occur during fluctuations of cold and hot temperatures, so monitor your lot’s health after the summer and winter months. Lastly, while you may have the capabilities to patch a pothole on your own, it is best to use a professional to avoid uneven patches in your lot. 

The Asphalt is Discolored 

As sealcoating begins to wear, you will notice that your parking lot’s color is gravelly and weathered. This is due to harsh UV rays penetrating the surface, leaving its appearance chalky and unkept. Weathered asphalt is much more susceptible to cracks and potholes, making it important to give your lot the sealcoating it needs before reaching this point. 

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