concrete being poured

Which is better? Asphalt vs. Concrete

concrete being poured

To ask, “Which is better: Asphalt or concrete?” would be a trick question. When creating new pavement, each has its own properties that makes it the better choice for specific applications.

Choosing the Best Material for Your Project

When paving a new surface, you’ll want to consider the following:

    • Traffic type. Does the pavement need to withstand a lot of traffic or is this an area where vehicles are typically stationary? Asphalt is better for areas with a lot of moving traffic, like a parking lot. Concrete is often best for a loading area, truck depot, or dumpster pad where traffic is slow and often stationary. 
    • Flexibility of the pavement. Asphalt is more flexible than concrete. Should a truck that exceeds expected traffic loads drive over rigid concrete, the pavement will likely crack; however, asphalt is more flexible and may bounce back so long as this does not happen frequently. 
    • Repair methods. Once broken, concrete pavement will have to be completely removed in order to repair the crack. Asphalt pavement has multiple repair methods that can often be completed at a lower cost. However, a repair may fail again if the broken pavement is replaced with the same thickness and the cause of the failure was that it was under-designed in the first place.
    • Your budget. Concrete often lasts longer than unmaintained asphalt pavement, but it costs about twice as much as asphalt. 

For more information on deciding between concrete or asphalt, see: When to Choose a Concrete Parking Lot.

This article from the For Construction Pros website discusses how asphalt can be designed to be as strong as concrete, depending on the materials and thickness of each component, however other factors must still be taken into consideration to decide which is best for your situation.

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