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Why It’s Important to Schedule Spring Paving Maintenance During the Winter Months

Here are three reasons why scheduling your spring parking lot maintenance now will help make the rest of the year go more smoothly. Avoid the Spring Scheduling Crunch Especially with the uncertainty of the past year, many businesses held off doing needed maintenance. Many property managers and owners had difficulty getting work done at the end of the season this past year for work once budgets started to open up. Estimators will likely be especially busy this year when spring comes because work that was deferred will now need done more than it did before. Getting on your contractor’s calendar...

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Preparing Your Parking Lot For Winter

With cold weather on the horizon, the likelihood of accidents caused by slick conditions will be increasing. To minimize safety risk and burden on staff and patrons this winter, facility managers and business owners need to think ahead and stay informed about the risks of seemingly minor problems, including cracks and holes in their parking lots. When preparing your parking lots this winter, consider these tips to reduce motor accidents, increase the longevity of lots and walkways, and keep your workforce and customers safe. Don’t wait to fill cracks  While paving jobs are more widely performed...

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Meadow View Apartments Parking Lot

Celebrating a Successful Paving Season at Dura-Seal

As the weather gets colder, we’re reflecting on a handful of the parking lot asphalt repair projects we completed with our great clients this past season throughout central Ohio. Meadow View Apartments parking lot replacement John Glenn International Airport, Blue Lot asphalt patching, sealcoating, asphalt striping Easton Commons asphalt patching, sidewalk repair . Georgetown Apartments concrete, asphalt patching, crack filling, sealcoating, asphalt striping Sunbury Mills (Lifestyle Communities) sealcoating, crack filling, striping Northwest Local Schools, in McDermott, Ohio sealcoating,...

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Which is better? Asphalt vs. Concrete

To ask, “Which is better: Asphalt or concrete?” would be a trick question. When creating new pavement, each has its own properties that makes it the better choice for specific applications. Choosing the Best Material for Your Project When paving a new surface, you’ll want to consider the following: Traffic type. Does the pavement need to withstand a lot of traffic or is this an area where vehicles are typically stationary? Asphalt is better for areas with a lot of moving traffic, like a parking lot. Concrete is often best for a loading area, truck depot, or dumpster pad where traffic is slow...

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How to Thrive as a Seasonal Business

Managing a seasonal business can take a higher level of strategy and planning. At Dura- Seal, March to October is our busy season, so we must manage a budget that includes almost all our revenue during those busy months and very little or no cash flow during the slow months. We also have to navigate layoffs so we will be able to hire all our best people back the next season. Here are four tips we have learned over the years that have allowed us to turn a seasonal business calendar into our strength rather than a weakness: Use the off-season to improve Using the off-season to plan and improve...

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3 Signs It’s Time to Sealcoat Your Parking Lot

Being able to detect that your parking lot is due for a sealcoating repair can be the difference between a low-cost patch job and an expensive, large-scale asphalt project. Here are three signs our paving experts use to identify when it’s the right time to schedule routine sealcoating maintenance: The Pavement Looks Dried Out and Cracked  While cracks may seem like minimal damage, they can quickly evolve and expand to render your surface lot unusable. With winter comes ice that can expand inside cracks that then begin to multiply and do significant damage to your pavement. Inspect asphalt after...

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