Snow plow moving snow

Preparing Your Parking Lot For Winter

Snow plow moving snow

With cold weather on the horizon, the likelihood of accidents caused by slick conditions will be increasing. To minimize safety risk and burden on staff and patrons this winter, facility managers and business owners need to think ahead and stay informed about the risks of seemingly minor problems, including cracks and holes in their parking lots. When preparing your parking lots this winter, consider these tips to reduce motor accidents, increase the longevity of lots and walkways, and keep your workforce and customers safe.

Don’t wait to fill cracks 

While paving jobs are more widely performed during the spring and summer times, emergency fixes during the winter are a necessity. In fact, even though November and December are considered off-season for paving companies, many operate crack filling services in the winter when maintenance just can’t wait for warmer weather. Filling cracks in a parking lot as soon as they start developing (so they don’t expand) will save you from a large-scale replacement project down the road. Assessing your parking lot’s health throughout the winter months will protect employees and patrons from falls and damaged vehicles. 

Temporarily fix potholes during winter

Pothole repairs should never be put off until spring. But, using gravel or stone to fill in potholes can lead to safety hazards that further damage parking lots. Additionally, gravel and stone patches can expand, causing the pothole to grow and lead to more expensive repairs in the spring. A temporary – yet effective – fix for potholes during the winter is cold patching when hot mixed asphalt is not available. Cold patching can keep parking lots and driveways healthy throughout the winter before potholes become permanent problems that can be both costly and hazardous. 

Mark concrete curbs & potholes 

Inclement weather like snow and sleet can mask concrete curbs and potholes, leaving parking to be a guessing game. Property managers should purchase flags to mark their concrete curbs so that snowplows don’t damage them and drivers can avoid accidents. When it comes to potholes, If permanent repairs can’t be done until spring, mark them with traffic cones and schedule an appointment to have repairs professionally done once it’s warmer.

Move snow downhill 

With sub-zero temperatures and snow comes the potential for ice. Keep snow piles on the lower side of your parking lot whenever possible so that as snow melts, the water runs into the grass and doesn’t cause refreeze issues on the pavement, walkways, or driveways. This will protect your workforce and customers from falls and reduce the likelihood of car accidents caused by frozen lots. 

Staying ahead of seemingly minor problems and staying informed on parking lot maintenance best practices will protect workers and guests while saving costs on large-scale building maintenance issues in the future.

Does your lot require emergency winter repairs? Dura-Seal provides repair services year round. Visit the contact page or give us a call at 614-258-7325 for a free consultation today!

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