parking lot covered in snow

Why It’s Important to Schedule Spring Paving Maintenance During the Winter Months

parking lot covered in snow

Here are three reasons why scheduling your spring parking lot maintenance now will help make the rest of the year go more smoothly.

Avoid the Spring Scheduling Crunch
Especially with the uncertainty of the past year, many businesses held off doing needed maintenance. Many property managers and owners had difficulty getting work done at the end of the season this past year for work once budgets started to open up. Estimators will likely be especially busy this year when spring comes because work that was deferred will now need done more than it did before. Getting on your contractor’s calendar now can save you the headache of scheduling and avoid delays when spring arrives.

The Winter Temperatures Can Ruin Your Pavement
Winter temperatures can do severe damage to your parking lot surfaces. It is important to schedule items like parking lot maintenance after months of fluctuating temperatures and precipitation, which can cause asphalt in parking lots to expand and shrink, leading to deterioration. Seemingly minor cracks and potholes can quickly grow and cause unsafe conditions for both pedestrians and vehicles. Proactive maintenance can save you from the expense of larger repairs or having to repave.

Avoid Fines by Following City Codes
Outdoor walkways and parking lots have to be maintained to a certain level for public access and in accordance with the city code in which the business is operating. Make sure your property is in great shape to avoid potential fines.

Looking to knock one of the items off your to-do list during the holidays? Schedule your parking lot maintenance with us at 614-258-SEAL or submit a contact form and a pavement specialist will be in touch shortly!

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