Why You Should Work with a Paver Focused on Sustainability

For years now, there has been a notable shift toward reversing decades of damage and a renewed focus on addressing climate change within the paving industry. With this in mind, consumers should be considering pavers based on their sustainability practices and methods of reducing their carbon footprint. From material use to operational practices, here are a few ways to identify whether a paving company is utilizing environmentally friendly practices.


Climate Resistance

As uneven weather patterns and increased temperatures continue to become more frequent due to climate change, pavers must keep the resilience of their materials in mind. Contractors and facility managers should look for companies that are staying up to date on the latest methods and materials that will withstand extreme weather conditions. This will reduce the number of repairs needed and, in turn, the long-term impact of fuel consumption and other waste that comes with frequent fixes. By utilizing high-quality products, we not only save our customers time and money, but we also minimize emissions and decrease our carbon footprint.


Sourcing Sustainable Materials

For paving, we prioritize sustainable materials, such as high-quality asphalt, additives, crack fillers, and pavement sealers instead of materials that may be cheaper but are worse for the environment. In addition to cutting down on toxic fumes that impact air quality, this choice also protects our employees.

Environmentally conscious pavers are strategic about how and from where they source their materials. Ask your paving company who their suppliers are and, when possible, choose a company that is partnered with local suppliers, so that the materials won’t be transported across long distances, which will help cut down on emissions.


Sustainable Site Management

As most tradespeople know, project sites often contain a large build-up of waste. One way to ensure the project is more environmentally friendly is to dispose of it properly. In fact, many materials that might be considered “waste” can actually be recycled or reused in future projects, saving your business money and time down the road. Our crew leaders always consult with waste removal services and any other partners on-site to ensure excess materials, scraps, and other debris are removed as efficiently as possible.


Customers often think they have to sacrifice quality to ensure their space is paved in an environmentally conscious way, but that could not be further from the truth. By working with a paver that has a proven track record of innovation and sustainability, you’ll receive work that is high quality, while also protecting the environment.

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