Sping Time

The Best Time for Sealcoating and Asphalt Repairs

Sping Time

After a long, cold winter, the spring sunshine and warmer temperatures motivate us to begin fresh in all areas of our lives. Commercial business owners and property managers should also start thinking about parking lot maintenance once the snow starts melting and the damage created by the winter weather becomes apparent. f your lot needs sealcoated, striped, or if there are areas that need repaired, now is the time to talk with a contractor so that you can get on the schedule when you want the work done.

When Can Maintenance Work Be Done?

When it comes to asphalt maintenance, sealcoating is the most dependent on weather. For the best sealcoating results, temperatures need to warm enough for proper curing, typically 55 degrees or above for a 24-hour period. In Ohio, we usually don’t experience those temperatures until late spring or early summer. If you need a lot sealed when the weather is cooler, talk with your contractor about the possibility of using a fast-dry additive to help the sealant cure faster.

Asphalt patching and paving can be done in early spring. This year it looks like temperatures in Ohio will be warm enough in early April for us to begin paving projects. Concrete can also be done a little earlier in the year than sealcoating.

Winter Months Are Ideal for Auditing and Scheduling Contractors.

If you know that your parking lot will need repairs in the spring or summer months, it’s ideal to schedule it in advance during the winter. This allows you to beat the rush, set your ideal timeline and sometimes lock in a better rate. If you do notice minor potholes or defects that surface during or after the winter, don’t delay necessary repairs that may result in the need for bigger repairs if neglected. Expert asphalt contractors can help you determine if the work should be done right away to help prevent the damage from becoming something more serious or costly down the road.

Dura-Seal typically paves all the way up until mid to late December. While the winter months may not be ideal for parking lot maintenance, if you have immediate needs, especially those that are creating a safety hazard, we do have crews that are available for emergency repairs.

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