Is It Time to Resurface Your Parking Lot?

Is It Time to Resurface Your Parking Lot? Keeping up with regular check-ups like dentist appointments, eye exams and physicals ensures that your body stays healthy and ahead of any medical issues. The same approach to parking lot maintenance can help maintain its strength and appearance over the years. But sometimes regular sealcoating and crack filling aren’t enough to maintain its integrity. If enough significant repairs are needed, it’s been longer than 25 years since you have resurfaced the lot, or maybe you are just ready to upgrade the appearance of your property, it may be time to consider...

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How to Ensure Your HOA is Maintaining the Community’s Lots and Streets

Your community finally received the asphalt paving it desperately needed. While it may be easy to assume your homeowners association (HOA) can put off scheduled asphalt maintenance for another 15 years, planning can save the organization on paving costs and keep any parking lots looking pristine for years to come. Preventive asphalt maintenance is the best approach, not only for the health of the road, but also for the health of the HOA’s budget. When you take into consideration the long-term costs over the total life of parking lots and roads, preservation is the most cost-effective strategy. Here...

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Sping Time

The Best Time for Sealcoating and Asphalt Repairs

After a long, cold winter, the spring sunshine and warmer temperatures motivate us to begin fresh in all areas of our lives. Commercial business owners and property managers should also start thinking about parking lot maintenance once the snow starts melting and the damage created by the winter weather becomes apparent. f your lot needs sealcoated, striped, or if there are areas that need repaired, now is the time to talk with a contractor so that you can get on the schedule when you want the work done. When Can Maintenance Work Be Done? When it comes to asphalt maintenance, sealcoating is...

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Why You Should Work with a Paver Focused on Sustainability

For years now, there has been a notable shift toward reversing decades of damage and a renewed focus on addressing climate change within the paving industry. With this in mind, consumers should be considering pavers based on their sustainability practices and methods of reducing their carbon footprint. From material use to operational practices, here are a few ways to identify whether a paving company is utilizing environmentally friendly practices.   Climate Resistance As uneven weather patterns and increased temperatures continue to become more frequent due to climate change, pavers must...

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parking lot covered in snow

Why It’s Important to Schedule Spring Paving Maintenance During the Winter Months

Here are three reasons why scheduling your spring parking lot maintenance now will help make the rest of the year go more smoothly. Avoid the Spring Scheduling Crunch Especially with the uncertainty of the past year, many businesses held off doing needed maintenance. Many property managers and owners had difficulty getting work done at the end of the season this past year for work once budgets started to open up. Estimators will likely be especially busy this year when spring comes because work that was deferred will now need done more than it did before. Getting on your contractor’s calendar...

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Snow plow moving snow

Preparing Your Parking Lot For Winter

With cold weather on the horizon, the likelihood of accidents caused by slick conditions will be increasing. To minimize safety risk and burden on staff and patrons this winter, facility managers and business owners need to think ahead and stay informed about the risks of seemingly minor problems, including cracks and holes in their parking lots. When preparing your parking lots this winter, consider these tips to reduce motor accidents, increase the longevity of lots and walkways, and keep your workforce and customers safe. Don’t wait to fill cracks  While paving jobs are more widely performed...

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