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How long will it take to complete my project?
While the length of the project depends on the size and scope of the project, most work is completed in a few weeks or less. Our thorough Project Assessment phase is designed to give you the most accurate time estimate.
How much does it cost for a square yard of concrete/asphalt?
Because there are a number of factors that go into the pricing of any given project, there is no standard price per area. Dura-Seal will work with each client to address their individual needs while staying within the project budget.
Do Dura-Seal crews work in inclement weather?
Dura-Seal employees adhere to Central Ohio’s winter weather warnings and advisories and will not work during Level 2 or 3 emergencies. Depending on the severity of the weather, crews will still be able to complete the project within the timeline originally agreed upon by the client.
What happens if my project is delayed?
Each week, the Dura-Seal production schedule is reviewed by crew leaders and any changes to the timeline will be communicated with the customer.
Does Dura-Seal offer any discounts for nonprofits or small businesses?
While Dura-Seal does not have any specific discount programs, we work closely with all of our clients to stay within their set budgets.
What types of customers does Dura-Seal work with?
Dura-Seal’s typical customer is a commercial or industrial property owner; however, the team will consider any project and help their customers find a solution that works for their unique pavement headache.
How do I get in touch / submit my project for consideration?
The easiest way to get in touch with Dura-Seal is to call the office at 614-258-7325 and hit “Option 1” to chat with the sales team. Or you can fill out the form on the Contact Us page.
Do you handle new projects/work with new developments? Or just maintenance?
Typically, Dura-Seal focuses on maintenance work, but the team also works on new builds and developments, such as Evans Farm in Lewis Center.
Will you make recommendations for the type of pavement I need (concrete vs. asphalt)?
As a trusted partner, Dura-Seal collaborates with clients to create a plan of action that will protect their clients’ assets and extend the life of their property. While asphalt is frequently used to surface parking lots, concrete is typically used in heavy-duty areas and access routes.
Does Dura-Seal subcontract projects?
Currently, Dura-Seal has 10 crews that go into the field every day and are able to cover the majority of Dura-Seal’s projects. Dura-Seal also has a network of partners that we’re able to call in and manage. Because of Dura-Seal’s buying power in the space, the price and timeline for subcontracted projects are often cheaper than, or at least comparable to, if the client had hired the subcontracted crew on their own.

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