What is asphalt crack filling?

Crack filling involves filling small cracks that are less than 1/4 inch wide, with a liquid filler. This process seals out damaging moisture and debris, helping to prevent base failure and minimizing the effects of freezing and thawing on your pavement. Effective crack filling prevents crack growth on the surface and erosion effects of base materials.

If there is a section of your parking lot with numerous cracks that are webbed, it could mean that the pavement is thin or the sub-base is weak. In that case, we may recommend removing and replacing the pavement in that section, instead of filling in and sealing the cracks.

Why asphalt crack filling is important

Crack filling is a fraction of the cost of replacing asphalt and improves the lifespan of the parking lot. Parking lots are the entryway to a business and sometimes a customer’s first impression of the business. A preventative maintenance program including crack filling is preferred to keep parking lots looking like new.

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