What is asphalt patching?

Asphalt patching involves removing the first layer of asphalt and replacing the surface. This will prolong the lifespan of the asphalt and will fill in any major holes or cracks, resulting in a smooth surface layer to the parking lot.

Potholes occur often during cold winter months due to the expansion and contraction of water beneath the asphalt. They can also form when shattered or webbed cracks in your parking lot are left unrepaired.

Asphalt patching is the best way to permanently fix potholes and shattered areas in your parking lot to prevent further damage and erosion.

At Dura-Seal, we use professional grade hot filler to ensure your parking lot’s potholes and shattered cracks are sealed and fixed to last.

Why patching parking lot potholes is important

It’s important to repair parking lot potholes as soon as possible because they can lead to much more costly repairs like replacing the pavement entirely. When not repaired, potholes will grow and pose a safety hazard to pedestrians and could cause vehicle damage.

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