What is asphalt resurfacing?

Asphalt resurfacing involves removing the top layer of asphalt and replacing it with a fresh new layer. Asphalt is durable, cost-effective, and ideal for heavy duty areas and parking lots. If the parking lot has cracks and potholes, they will be carefully filled in before resurfacing the entire parking lot. Asphalt milling can be used in resurfacing, if the new surface requires a connection to the existing surface, such as concrete.

Asphalt resurfacing should only be considered if regular, less expensive sealcoating and crack-fill maintenance will not fix the parking lot or asphalt pavement surface.

Why resurfacing your parking lot is important

Resurfacing your parking can not only beautify the property, but also increase your property’s value while cutting down on safety concerns.

Additionally, asphalt surfaces with many potholes and cracks can permanently damage the sub-base of the pavement and negatively affect proper drainage.

To minimize the need to completely repave your parking lot, resurfacing is a good idea.

How often should a parking lot be resurfaced?

If you spot standing water, multiple potholes, or large sections of shattered pavement, it may be time to resurface your asphalt pavement.

When a parking lot and asphalt pavement is sealed regularly every 2-3 years, you can expect it to last 20-25 years before resurfacing may be needed. In areas where there is a lot of rain or snowfall, you can expect parking lots to deteriorate faster.

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